Monday, September 4, 2017

Upstart #GBLT #Sports #Romance

Two men with no interest in being tied down. Each incapable of staying away from the other. Who will be the first to break?
For years, Daniel has traveled the world, enjoying the benefits of his position with the Daily Sports Report. He’s always loved all things sports. This is his passion. He’s never met a man who can tempt him to slow down. No promises of love can match the dream he’s already living, until Isaac.
Isaac isn’t starving for anything. He’s closer to achieving his dreams than ever, thanks to the world’s best trainer taking him in. Men throw themselves his way, keeping him fed sexually. Isaac doesn’t need a relationship holding him back. That is, until a sexy sports journalist invites Isaac back to his hotel room.
No matter how hard the men try avoiding each other, they can’t seem to stop crossing paths. An attraction becomes a connection. A connection becomes an obsession. If they’re not careful, an obsession will become a love worth losing everything for.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Inanimate #GBLT #SciFI #Romance #giveaway

Hatred brought them together. Love tore them apart.
Twenty years ago, Zephyr drew a line through the center of the world, freeing the A.I. community from human oppression. Humans haven’t stopped hunting him since.
As one of the leaders of the Anti-Droid Coalition, it’s Kyle’s job to locate Zephyr and bring him to justice. After years of searching and planning, finding Zephyr ends up being the easy part. When the tables turn on Kyle, and he finds himself held prisoner deep inside Cryo-Zone, he seizes the opportunity to get the answers he seeks from the elusive leader of the revolt.
Zephyr is more than willing to answer all of Kyle’s many questions, giving the man whatever information he needs. After all, Zephyr has ulterior motives as well. Unfortunately, it’s the other pieces of Zephyr that Kyle’s constant presence steals from him that Zephyr doesn’t know how to handle—like his heart.
When two men from opposite sides of the revolution come together, one will have to choose. He can stand by what he’s always believed is right, or leave everything behind—including his hatred—for a chance at the love of a lifetime.
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Monday, July 31, 2017

Devour #GBLT #Paranormal #Romance

The battle between Vampire and Demon rages on.
It’s been two months since journalist Jonathan Jones uncovered a band of demons kidnapping women from Tortola. His run-in with the pack left him with him two choices—turn vampire or die. Now, as part of clan Hellish, Jonathan must learn a new way of life. He also has a huge problem—the turning has left him mated to the vampire prince, Niall. Unfortunately, Niall isn’t who owns Jonathan’s heart.
Torn between Cin, the Scottish vampire who’s been his whole world for six years, and the vampire whose blood bond has Jonathan craving more, Jonathan has to find a way to hang on to his sanity. Between trying to uncover the demons’ secret agenda, a kidnapped demon spawn in their garage, and a love triangle tearing apart the clan, the Hellish group has their hands full. They need to work things out before the world comes to an end—literally.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Consume #GBLT #Paranormal #Romance

Only $0.99!!

Jonathan thinks Cin is too perfect to be real. He’s right.
As the top investigative reporter for Global Daily, Jonathan travels all over the world. Three weeks in Tortola, covering the story of the disappearance of twelve women, sounds like heaven. After all, the island is one of the most beautiful in the world. He doesn’t have many leads. The women only have one thing in common. They all went missing from the same club—Consume. Fifteen minutes into visiting the club, Jonathan sees him, and the world slips away.
Cinaed, better known as Cin, spots Jonathan the moment he walks through the club’s door. It’s obvious the man is out of place. Cin slips into Jonathan’s mind, catching visions he can’t shake. He’s never wanted a human for anything other than blood and sex, but Jonathan is different. That’s why Cin has to keep the man addicted to being in his bed and send him home safely. There’s nothing in Tortola for Jonathan except death.
Once Jonathan’s three weeks are at an end, it doesn’t take long for him to realize something is wrong. His trip has been—at best—a hazy memory of steamy nights, and he never spent a moment researching his story. No matter how deep he digs into the recesses of his brain, there’s nothing except the sexy Scot he met at Consume. With a burning need to know everything, and a deep fear he’s been drugged to keep him from his investigation, Jonathan cashes in his extensive vacation time before setting out to break this story. This time, he’s determined he won’t let anything keep him from the truth, even if it means finding out Cin is the man behind everything.
Author note: This is a short introduction into my new M/M vampire series, Hellish. It was first published in the anthology Vampires of the Caribbean.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

#Kobo only sale

Down from $5.99 to $0.99 only on Kobo in their Independence Day Event! 

Two years ago, Faith Hope left her hometown vowing never to return. When her sister leaves the town’s hottest bachelor standing at the altar and disappears, Faith is forced to face her past in order to find her.
With a little bit of luck, some devious planning, and a splash of hope Faith may get her happily-ever-after... whether she wants it or not.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Readers Rock #GIVEAWAY

It's been a while since we've done one of these huge giveaways, but I love them SO hard. I love when we can team up to show our appreciation to the people who make this job possible. We're all blessed to give you an escape from reality. Now, we'd like to give back. Check out our huge giveaway and good luck, from Golden CzermakTerri ReidVicky BurkholderCalinda BeMichele BardsleyRegina PuckettLaurann Dohner, and myself.

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Monday, June 12, 2017

Hard Hit series book 10 Out Now!

Von lives by three relationship rules—no lies, no games, and no strings. Justin has him breaking all three.
Von knew the first time he kissed Justin that the man was different. Justin didn’t play by Von’s usual rules. He also knew Justin was way too passionate to be tied down by someone who travels as much Von has to with his team. For a while, Von was content with being Justin’s part-time lover. That is, until Justin decides to be his no-time lover.
At first, Justin was star struck by the sexy hockey player. Von’s brilliant mind, good looks, and delicious accent had Justin enthralled. He might have chosen to stay Von’s friend with benefits forever if Von hadn’t flaunted another man in his face. Justin might like Von, but he’s no one’s fool. Unfortunately, when he chooses to give Von one last chance, the man rips out his heart, leaving Justin broken and infuriated.
When Von ignores Justin’s fury and refuses to go away, Justin is left with two choices. Either he can listen to Von beat on his front door for the rest of his days or he can let him in and pound some sense into the man who’s ruined Justin for all others.

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